Quality Assurance

Technical Cooperation——

Unit--BJFU(Beijing Forestry University) , NJFU (Nanjing Forestry University)

Basing on strength R&D capacity ,our company  has been with the Chinese Academy of Forestry 、Beijing Forestry University 、Nanjing Forestry University and other well-known domestic scientific research institutions to establish a cooperative relationship and set up a full-featured scientific and research center for reconstituted wood .Our company is existing ‘scientific &research personnel more than 80 people and introduces advanced testing equipment.We have a number of research and development technology included in the national agricultural achievements transformation project and provincial Spark plan .In recent years. Our  company has undertaken a number of provincial-level scientific and technological projects and involved in the reorganization of<<reconstituted lumber>>,<<reconstituted veneer>> for national standards ,We also join in drafting the <<decorative micro-thick wood >>,<<decorative thick wood>> for industry standards. Our company had obtained more than 30 patents for invention patents ,utility models patents and designs patents.